About SnapRoof

We saw a need. The process of renting a house was completely inefficient for both landlords and applicants. It was a paper-based process. It involved many disparate steps for property owners — creating a marketing flyer with one site, posting on another, and getting credit reports on yet a third.

The rental application process was no easier for the applicants — completing a multitude of applications full of personal information, paying for multiple credit checks and application deposits, and often wondering the status of their application.

We hate inefficiency. A group of entrepreneurs with over 40 years of combined experience knew they could build a better solution: one that was convenient, cost effective, and beneficial to both property owners AND rental applicants. SnapRoof was born.

We aim to revolutionize the rental industry. Too often property owners guess at the price to rent their places. Too often applicants accept the price dictated by owners. There has been no means to allow the supply and demand of the market to refine rental rates. Applicants and property managers have been losing out. We are changing that.

SnapRoof is a Delaware corporation based in Silicon Valley. Building online and mobile tools to revolutionize the residential real estate rental market, we are SnapRoof.

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