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    Property Maintenance Schedule for Landlords

    Landlords, there are two components of investment for each property you own. One is the revenue stream that comes from monthly rent. The other is the appreciation of the physical asset – the land and the house. But don’t expect a property management company to care for the long term health of your property.  They’ll respond (hopefully) to crisis calls from tenants. Other than that, their aim is to avoid costs and collect rent. You, the landlord, need to maintain the property. Here is a schedule of maintenance items. Follow this list and your asset will last much longer.

    Smoke and carbon monoxide detector check
    Alarm system check
    Fire extinguisher check
    Dishwasher – screen, filter, aerator cleaning
    Garbage disposal check
    Range hood - clean grease filter
    Kitchen – faucet and leak check
    Vacuum refrigerator coils
    Clothes dryer – link and duct cleaning
    Bathroom – faucet and toilet leak check
    Tub drain assembly - clean out debris
    Wall furnace - clean grills
    Water softener check
    Forced-air heating system - change filters
    Outdoor drain grates - clean out debris

    Water heater – tank flush
    Refrigerator – filter cleaning
    Clothes washer – check, screen and filter cleaning

    Termite inspection
    Foundation and chimney check
    Exterior – landscaping and water drainage
    Exterior – tree trimming
    Exterior – paint, siding, caulking, or structural
    Exterior – driveway and walkway
    Exterior – fencing
    Test garage door auto-reverse feature.
    Septic tank inspection
    Main cleanout drain flush

    Roof inspection
    Gutters and downspouts cleaning
    Exterior caulking - inspection and repair
    Windowsills, doorsills, thresholds - inspection and repair
    Window and door screens - inspection and repair
    Exterior – irrigation system and controls

    Roof inspection
    Gutters and downspouts cleaning
    Storm windows and doors – check and repair
    Window and door weather stripping – check and repair
    Thermostat - clean heat sensor, contact points, and contacts

    10 / 26 / 2017        BY - Martin Doyle, CEO

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